Bernardes Collection.

Timeless appeal, temperance, elegance and confort for a collection that has to stand the test of time. It has a slender appearence, but its materials and geometry make it robust and hard-wearing. A new classic has born with this collection.

The Designer.

Andreu Carulla Studio. Andreu Carulla growing up he wanted to be an inventor, which he kind of is. Gratuated in 2002 by the Universitat Politècnica de Girona, he founded his own studio four years later, in a small village and surrounded by nature. Andreu Carulla Studio keeps a wide vision of product design, working from its conceptual and experimental side with new materials and processes to the most technical design and product development. The range of products from Andreu Carulla Studio has a notorious aesthetic charge, looking for an emotional link with the consumer, with functionality and sustainability as a goal.

The Inspiration.

Exceptionally, we would like to show the images, moments or experiences that inspired the collection. The pictures shown below were taken by the designer with a single use camera before starting the project. A way to appreciate and explore what the designer sees.

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